Konad Stamping Nail Art With Acrylic Paint

Konad Stamping Nail Art With Acrylic Paint

Stamping Nail ArtOur firm creates stampers, plates and accessories that nail art designers about the world adore. Radha , r u utilizing konad stamping polish??.. If yes and nonetheless the stamper not picking up the image than that might be because you are pressing the stamper too significantly on the plate for choosing image.. try it with much less pressure and it will work. Now, apply glue to the hollow part of the extension that is to be fixed to your nail. These ten wonderful Konad nail art videos can be your customized videos, if you wish to have nails like no one particular else.

Go through this sample tutorial to Konad nail art fundamentals and determine for yourself if it’s messy or a one cease answer for stunning nails at property. As KONAD Classic collection is the most luxurious set, the perfect balance of black and violet packages improves the premium of the Stamping nail art sets. Stamping plates, stampers, and scrapers can be purchased separately if desired. A prime coat will make certain that the nail stays somewhat protected from every day wear and tear.

You can apply diverse shades of colours to a single nail to give rainbow effects. Later, they began which includes oils, creams, perfumes and metals into these polishes that produced up the present types of nail polishes. Also, you can experiment with different polishes to verify whether or not they stamp appropriately or not or else you can get particular stamping nail polishes from Konad. This is a high rated video that will reveal the basics of beautifully stamping French manicure nails with Konad nail art patterns.

Requirement: Base polish, a Stamping image plate, stamping polish, polish remover/acetone, stamping pad, cotton pads, scraper(plastic card), a flat surface, newspaper or disposable surface. Base coats are accomplished with transparent ordinary nail polishes mainly either of white colour, skin colour or extremely thin light colours. Flaunt shorter nails like them in this video with the exclusive shorter nail art patterns presented by the Konad nail Art Firm.Stamping Nail Art

In this strategy, right after keeping your nails ready, you will apply the polish to the image plates of your decision and remove any added polish from the plates with the scraper. You will surely really like this tutorial to Konad nail art, as it reveals the basics to attain a cleaner appear irrespective of complex styles. Various sorts of designs or nail arts can be developed employing distinct shades of colours with this approach. Add a lot more stamping colours and construct your collection..right after you successfully learn to stamp. Now take your scraper and put it at 45 degrees to the design and scrape off the excess polish. Please share your views about it. Do share if you want me to add any other brand stamping nail art in this report. You can combine two or a lot more of above nail art strategies to make complex but gorgeous designs.