Apply Natural Makeup for a Clean, Fresh Look

Apply Natural Makeup for a Clean, Fresh Look

Everyone loves the natural look. But not everyone has flawless skin, shimmering eyes and moist lips. There are some tips and techniques that can help you get cleaner look, whether you are just starting to wear makeup or are ready to have a more natural makeup look rather than the classic made-up face.

Apply Natural Makeup for a Clean, Fresh Look

Determine your skin type and skin color so you can use the correct products for your skin routine and when applying makeup. There are many great products on the market, so be sure to find one that works for you.

Apply Makeup to your Face

  1. Remove any makeup that is already on your face. You can use makeup remover or some plain water on a cotton ball. Gently remove the old makeup by dabbing or rubbing the cotton ball in small circles.
  2. Moisturize your face. Use a pea-sized amount of moisturizer, gently massage it into your face. Consider using a tinted moisturizer for a more natural look. This type of moisturizer blends and evens your skin tone and usually contains SPF.
  3. Use concealer around your eyes and to cover any blemishes. Apply a concealer that is the exact same color as your skin. A very small amount concealer should be applied directly to the spot instead of around it.
  4. Use a power foundation to control oil. Blend foundation onto your face. Make sure to blend foundation under your jawline to avoid a makeup line. For discoloration under your eyes, make 3 dots of foundation and blend using your ring finger.
  5. Add a Bronzer or Blush. Bronzer is a great way to give yourself a natural glow. You can lightly brush bronzer all over your face. Or for a natural, suntan appearance, brush bronzer in you T-Zone.

Use blush if you need more color than a bronzer gives you. Don’t use both. When using blush, a créme works best. Apply the blush and blend into your cheekbones.

Apply Eye Natural Makeup

  1. Apply eyeliner to your outer lashlines. Use an eye-liner pencil or natural-colored gel liner that works for your skin tone. Apply liner to the outer two-thirds of your upper lid and one-third of your lower lid. Blend the line with a cotton swab.
  2. Apply white eyeliner to your inner lashlines. This technique makes your eyes look larger.
  3. Apply eyeshadow. You may choose to skip the eyeshadow. But if you don’t, choose two similar shades choose silvers, golds or browns. Apply the neutral color over your whole eyelid. You can accent with another by applying eyeshadow just above the crease. Be sure to blend the colors.
  4. Apply Mascara. First, curl your eyelashes then apply one layer of mascara.

Apply Lip Makeup

  1. Use sheer nude color. Stay away from shiny glosses or chalky lipsticks. Try lip stain for a natural, all day product. Make sure to use a color that is close to your natural color.
  2. Use shimmering blush. Add a tiny amount of blush to the center of your lips. Make sure to test this in private as it doesn’t appeal to everyone.

You’re done!  Enjoy the natural look and all the compliments you get with it.