How to Straighten Curly Hair with Blow Dryer

How to Straighten Curly Hair with Blow Dryer

Changing the hairstyle by occasionally straightening it is fun. If you are afraid of the damage caused by the heat of the tool or do not have time to do it, you can have straight hair just by blow drying, check bonnet hair dryer reviews. Try one of these ways to get your new look.

Method 1: Wash and Rough Dry Your Hair

1. Wash hair until clean. Make sure your hair is clean of dirt, oil, and chemical waste. Apply conditioner to your hair, especially on the root and hair tips. Then comb your hair slowly with a rarely toothed comb to flatten the conditioner throughout your hair. Leave for a few minutes then rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water.

2. Comb your hair slowly from the tip of the hair until the roots use a rarely toothed comb. Using a toothed comb will rarely reduce the stress on the hair, and this is important because wet hair is very fragile and breaks easily.

3. Dry your hair slightly to reduce excess water on the hair. Browse your hair using your fingers gently from the roots to the ends of your hair, and squeeze your hair out for water. Use a clean, dry towel to absorb water by patting your head and squeezing your hair. You will probably need 2 towels if your hair is long or very thick.

4. Use hair care products that can protect your hair from heat and help you get the desired hairstyle. Reading the instructions for use on each product carefully will help you use the product correctly. But when using a care product, you usually have to apply it to the roots of your hair, then flatten it along the hair to the tip of your hair.

5. Rough dry your hair. The rough dry method is to use the hand when the hair is hair (instead of using a comb / brush). Start by putting your fingers on your scalp, comb your hair with your finger upward to add the volume of hair or downward to get straight and neat hair, and follow with your blow dryer held at a 45-degree angle. Blow dry your hair up to 80% dry.

6. If you want to make sure your hair is more contained, these splits should not exceed the brush comb width or higher than the length of the comb teeth.

  • Start with your back hair. You can divide the hair into parts 2.54 cm wide using a comb.
  • Make a horizontal section near your ears to separate the part of your hair that is just above the nape with the rest of the hair. Hold your upper hair to the top of your head using a rubber band or large hairpin.
  • You can divide all of your lower hair into sections by using a comb and pinch them before you start to fluid, or you can also divide your hair into sections as you flush.
  • Divide your hair from the bottom up and around your head. You can divide your hair all at once, or you can save time and hairpins by dividing the hair and blowing at the same time.

Method 2: Getting Classical Straight Hair

 1. Straighten your hair using a brush comb and blow dryer with a nozzle (additional funnel). You will need a flat brush comb and a flat and wide nozzle for your blow dryer. Nozzle will direct a concentrated heat blow on your hair. Whichever hand you use to hold the blow dryer and comb you can specify as per your convenience, and also depending on whether you are left-handed or not. It’s best to hold your comb straight and blow dryer flat to get a “modern curl”.

2. Extend your hair using a comb. Stretching hair will help you get a smooth blow. Put a comb on your hair root, hold the handle of the comb and turn it slightly to get a firm grip but do not hurt you or damage your hair. Slide your comb along the hair shaft from the roots to the end downward. When the comb approaches the tip of the hair, you can aim it wherever you want your head to tip hair.

3. Blow dry your hair from the bottom up and around your head. After you finish the hair backside, proceed to the section above it. Do the same way to straighten hair in this section. Continue to straighten and straighten the hair that has been split until most of the hair becomes straight.

Complete the appearance of your hair. After you straighten all the parts of your hair, apply a finishing serum to smooth hair that stick and polish your hair. Then set your hairstyle to your liking. You can show off your new hair by letting it unravel or tie it back. Now you can also split your two hairs as you wish, whether it’s the side cleavage or the central hemisphere. Another suggestion for your hair style: pull your hair back, pinch some hair on the front, or pull your hair and tie it with a ponytail style.