Love Those Short Curly Hairstyles

Love Those Short Curly Hairstyles

Ready for something new for your curly hair? The latest ideas for short curly hairstyles are here so check out these new trends and styles. If you love your curly hair, try something new to shake up your routine. And if you haven’t quite embraced your curls, now might be the time to try.

The super fun cuts you can get with curly hair make your styling and maintenance time a breeze. And the volume you get with those curls is unbeatable. Unlike your straight-haired friends, you don’t have to rely on products and heat to get a voluminous look. Your curls do it all on their own and take your style to a whole new level.

Short Curly Hairstyles That You’ll Love

  1. TexturedShortCurlyHairstyles

If you have curly hair, a short textured pixie cut may be just the change you are looking for. You don’t have to sport traditional curls because you have that amazing natural volume. Try some spikey pieces for a modern look. Style with a bit of product and finger styling.

  1. Pixie cut for a Round Face

Short curly hairstyles are great if you have a round face. This look is perfect for slimming your face. And texturing gives you tons of volume on top. Make sure the cut tapers down to sharp points at the sides, and you’ve created the illusion of a slimmer face – just with a professional haircut!

  1. Go Retro with Short Curly Hairstyles

These fabulous cuts will turn heads and make everyone want your ‘do. The finger-wave, you may hear it called a head-wave too, gives you great all-over waves. This style gives you a stunning wavy pattern without volume. Plus, it frames your face to give you that alluring look.

  1. ShortBobs

The ever-versatile bob gives you so many options for short curly hairstyles. Try the classic bob for something sophisticated. Or go with the A-line bob for a more symmetrical and eye-catching style. And of course, the stacked-back bob or the angular reverse bob give you a modern look for all occasions.

  1. BalayageHighlights

This stunning highlighting trend works great with short curly hairstyles. And with curly hair, you get a spectacular effect as these natural highlights bring out your mouth, cheeks or eyes. And you can soften your cheeks with a few highlights that frame your face.

  1. ShortShagsandChoppyLayers

Learn to love your curls even more with these short curly hairstyles. Ask for the latest cut that has choppy or shaggy layers for a chic, edgy look. Your traditional curl will work with this cut instead of against it and you can show off your new urban style.