Wonderful Promo Nails Ideas to Consider for Special Events

Wonderful Promo Nails Ideas to Consider for Special Events

Undoubtedly, the prom is one of the best occasions for most lady’s life and that is why every detail must be taken into consideration. The prom nails come in all shapes, designs and sizes depending on the level of your skills, the amount of time you dedicate to it and your dress code.

Selecting the correct manicure has never been like a walk in the park especially when you want to look flawless by all means. Take a look at these beautiful and classic prom nails and you will find them a good head-start when choosing what prom nails to choose. It is all about being patient and going for the right choice. Good luck!

1. Glittery French

French is the best manicure that is ideal for any informal and formal occasions across the world. But just simple French nails may not be sufficient for prom. Therefore, consider including some shimmery polish on one-half of every nail for a glamorous and festive appeal.

2. Colour Transition

Shade change is effortless to create and it gives an impressive look to your prom nails. Start by making the background of the nail pin and put several layers of burgundy shimmer half way to cover it. Use single layer at the base for this change to appear perfect.

3. Coral Shock

Short coral prom nails always appear neat and can be a significant inclusion to an emerald or white dress. For you to offer these prom nails some style, include silver line stickers on just one finger. For the better impression, cover them with clear polish.

4. French Shine

These are ideal nails when you are wearing a dark prom dress. The shimmery burgundy background looks great with conspicuous black tips. This manicure will appear elegant on all nail shapes and sizes as long as it is correctly done.

5. Light Burberry Design

If you don’t want to go full-time Burberry, you can consider this chic imitation. Black background ceases looking dark and boring when you include some beautiful lines on the top. You can choose to use stickers or even draw them. It is recommended to utilise varying shades for every nail.

6. French Imagination

If you have a bright red, white or black dress, you may consider this artistic French manicure. The slight black and silver shades don’t appeal the eye right away, but when you look at it very closely, these cute prom nails give a great impression.

7. Crystal Design

Pink ballerina nails are adorable on their own. However, because this is one of the highly special events of your life, you need to put some life in them. Performing some subtle crystal designs will offer your nails the life they have been looking for.

8. Night Champagne

Black nails can really look quite glamorous on different prom attires. However, adding some glitter to your black nails can bring out the impression of a champagne bottle that is opened at night.